Education Centre


Business, Ecology and Chocolate courses

At Leahys Open Farm we have been facilitating educational programmes for over 20 years. Our combined experience puts us in an ideal position to now provide a number of educational services. We have created a dedicated Education Centre to facilitate the increased demand for on-site, hands-on, real-world learning. Our team, who are all suitably qualified, from Environmental Scientists, a Zoologist, Biologists and Business graduates, Culinary Art Graduates along with Engineers and Caterers can provide a flexible, tailored approach to the individual requirements of each group.


Farm visits can be tailored to specific subjects and assessments, curriculum-based programs and Guidelines. We can work with teachers and Co-ordinators to meet any other program requirements. Tailoring to your particular schools needs means we can also accommodate more than one subject/class at a time, helping to keep transports costs to a minimum.

Education visits are priced from €16.50 per student.


Flyer pdf, Booking form and price list attached to link



For further information, please contact:

Education Coordinator


(083) 4216798