Do I need to book online? 

Yes, online booking is essential, online ticket prices are reduced also . We can take walk ins if there is space available. However, if the farm is at capacity you may be asked to wait or come back another day. Book Now. 

Is there food available? 

Yes, we have food available in The Old Lantern Coffee Shop and in our Ice Cream & Chocolate Factory 

Are kids free & do I need to book them in ?

Children under 2 only are free and do not need to be booked. All other children are €12.50 online ticket price, normal price is €12.95 and need to be booked in online. 

Do I need to book food or diggers prior to arrival? 

No you don’t need to, but with regard to social distancing it makes operations a lot easier for all parties when prebooked. 

Are you still doing petting time? 

Yes we are, petting time is on all day.