Donie’s Paddocks

See a large variety of animals including Camel, Emu, Reindeer, Fallabella Horses, Geese, Alpaca and lots more.

Humphrey the Camel

My name is Humphrey and I was a circus camel. Now I am in retirement at Leahy’s Open Farm. I am a bactrian camel because I have two humps, and my cousin the dromedary camel only has one hump. I will live for 40 years. I can run as fast as a horse , up to 20 miles per hour and I can keep going at this speed for 40 minutes non-stop.

Alpaca Family

We belong to the camel family. We are from the Andes Mountains in South America. We are used to very hot and very cold weather. Our wooly fleece keeps us warm in the winter. In the summertime the farmer shears us and uses the fleece to make clothing.

Henry the Lama

I belong to the camel family. I come from South America. I came to Leahy’s Open Farm in 2003. When I am agitated, like the camel and the alpacas, I will spit.