Here at Leahys, we are trying to create a space that is environmentally friendly and sustainable leading into the future.

We have introduced a number of measures to help us reduce our carbon footprint and we are continually striving to create and promote a more circular economy.

Sustainability initiatives at Leahys Open Farm to date.

  • Continuous cover forestry 10 year commitment: Pockets of stika spruce will be transplanted with Irish natives over a 10 year time frame in our 8 acre forest.

  • Wild flower planting and pollinators planted to encourage natural habitats.

  • Photovoltaic solar panels to help our farm reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Reusable coffee cups, we would like to encourage our visitors to avail of our reusable coffee cups to reduce the amount of recycling and waste on our farm.

  • Biodegradable membership cards, we have introduced our new membership card system, where our credit card size cards are biodegradable allowing them to deteriorate in a compost heap.

  • Packaging sourced from FSC sources, as far as possible we source our packaging products from FCS and PEFC sources

  • Electric car charging facility at our farm to encourage families with electric cars to our farm and recharge while onsite, thus reducing the amount of petrol and diesel being consumed.

  • Compostable coffee cups, we use compostable cups and lids to reiterate our environmental policy and plans for our farm.

  • Edible ice cream cups, all our ice cream is now sold in edible tubs unless we sell it in a paper tub for gluten free customers. Thus, reducing our waste.

  • Compostable cellophane for our hampers and gift packs.

  • Recyclable and biodegradable bags in gift shop.

  • Chocolate boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable, vac trays in the boxes are recyclable.

  • Savour food program, to help reduce food waste and control portions and packaging.

  • Bioplastic range of toys in gift shop.

  • We make yearly donations to charities such as Cork Penny Dinners (€5000 in 2021)

  • We have sponsored a truck covering the cost of fuel carrying aid to Ukraine in Mar 2022 (Fuel sponsorship €2000)

  • We sponsor local clubs in our area annually.

  • 2gocups introduced in Feb 2024, reducing our use of single use takeaway coffee cups

There is lots more to come……