Attractions Outdoors

Adventure Trail & Climbing Towers

The obstacle course is a real challenge for the older kiddies, it requires a lot of balance, co-ordination and skill to get across without making a mistake along the way.

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Digger Park

All new Digger Park at Leahy’s Open Farm. This is one of the first opportunities that kids can actually work a real JCB mini digger.

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Crannog Area

This was the type of house lived in during the Viking times. It was always surrounded by water so that people could protect their animals in times of trouble. 

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Fairy Fort Garden

As you walk through the pergola entrance breathe in the scented climbers along the way,

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Claragh’s Garden

This is a little haven where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful plants and scenery.

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Barrel Train

Quad and Barrel train rides for you to take a spin on. This is seriously fun for mums and dads too.

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