The proper name for a group of goats is a trip. Baby goats are kids, males are called bucks, females are called does. A domestic male is sometimes called a billy; a female, a nanny.

Goats are great swimmers.  Goat milk has a higher butterfat content than cow’s milk. Goats have only bottom front and side teeth, the top jaw does have a large back molar for crushing things. Goats have rectangular eyes – this allows them to see very well in the dark. Wild goats don’t sleep. Goats use straw to scratch their backs.


Cashmere comes from the undercoat of the Asian Kashmiri goat, with the average annual yield per animal being less than one pound. Mohair comes from the Turkish Angora goat.

The fat molecules in goat milk are five times smaller than the fat molecules in cow milk. Goat milk is broken down in the stomach in twenty minutes; it takes an hour for the stomach to break down cow’s milk.