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Leahy's Open Farm, Dungourney, Midleton, Co Cork.

All Animals

By following the signage throughout the farm, visitors can expect a minimum of 2 hours to complete the farm tour, taking as many breaks as they like in the various gardens and sitting areas along the way.

We have many animals including


Marron hen – This breed of hens is not a good breed for laying eggs.

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My name is Dancer. I have no antlers because I am a female (hind) deer. Male (stag) deer have antlers but they shed the antlers each spring.

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A male sheep is called a ram. A female sheep is called a ewe.

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Fallabella Horses

Our names are Falla and Bella. Falla is coloured white and grey. Bella is brown coloured.

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Shelia the Donkey

My name is Sheila. I eat grass and hay I was born in 2006 and expect to enjoy my days here until the ripe old age of 30 years.

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Humphrey the Camel

My name is Humphrey and I was a circus camel. Now I am in retirement at Leahy’s Open Farm. 

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A calf is a baby cow. Cows produce the milk which is then sent to the creamery.

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Alpaca Family

We belong to the camel family. We are from the Andes Mountains in South America. 

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Nemo’s Fish Pond

this is a lovely natural area, count the fish and wonder in to the wooded area to the swinging nest in the trees.  

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Donie’s Paddocks

See a large variety of animals including Camel, Emu, Reindeer, Fallabella Horses, Geese, Alpaca and lots more.

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